Discover why a Redox Deficiency Matters to your health.

Discover Why a Redox Deficiency Matters to Your Health!

What is a Redox Deficiency? How is it Hurting your Health? Why Does Redox Matter?

These are important questions based on new discoveries of how cells function to activate gene pathways which protect your health. Never has there been a more important time to restore health and hope to millions whose gene pathways are missing the signaling that activates health.

The discovery of Redox Signaling is one of the most important medical breakthroughs of our generation. They are the deepest cell-signaling messengers ever discovered. Their job is to direct the process of healthy gene expression inside every cell. How well they work determines cellular health and defines overall health. Although this is new science, many people are learning how they can improve and activate healthy pathway genes, naturally restoring health from the inside-out.

Redox molecules are produced in the mitochondria during the generation of cellular energy. They activate transcription factors that strengthen healthy cell defenses and the immune system. Literally, they are at the interface of energy and matter - where cellular communication activates biological programming and animates all cell processes, even the energy of life itself.

Redox “cell-talk” is how cells signal to defend against oxidation, inflammation and disease. This is the innate “detect, repair, and replace” system built into our cellular blueprints. Redox signaling activates it! This is the “Inner Doctor.” When it is awake and well, we are too!

Over time, mitochondria become less efficient, and signaling declines with a redox deficiency. This adds up to wrinkles, sagging skin, weight gain, gray hair, hurting joints, vascular problems, accelerated aging, autoimmune disorders, hormone problems, lost memories, fading relationships – and much more medical intervention.

Discover the important reasons why cellular health is the foundation of your complete health - and what you can do to restore and harness the breakthrough science inside your cells that stand guard over your precious health.

In Redox Matters: Connecting the Dots Between Redox Biology and Health, you will learn how to improve cell signaling to activate genes that drive your energy and healthy immune system – keeping you vibrant, sharp, and strong. You will learn what anti-aging really means at the cellular level, how to correct a redox deficiency, and why we are just now discovering these ageless health truths and wellness strategies.

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"Powerful and timely! Lee Ostler's book, Redox Matters, Connecting the Dots Between Redox Biology & Health offers a compelling new model for health and disease and the role Redox Cell Signaling Molecules play in our lives. Dr. Ostler gives our mind a reason to accept what science has recently discovered -- that cellular communication is the foundation of life and our ability to restore a functional cellular balance is by far the greatest scientific advancement when it comes to anti-aging, cellular detoxification, and peak human potential. This book is a "must" for any library of science and healing in the 21st century!"
Darren R. Weissman DC
Author - The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude; Developer of The LifeLine Technique
"Dr. Ostler has hit the sweet spot of explaining the science of redox to both health professionals and the science-aware public. There are many in both categories who will embrace this book with the same enthusiasm as I have. This is the book I've only dreamed of writing. Those of us who share a deep and abiding interest in the science of redox have been waiting for a tool like this. A concise and accurate summary explaining this rapidly expanding field of knowledge will be well received! Knowing how consuming and rewarding writing can be, I thank you for this book. Congratulations."
Dr. Dick Walker MD
"With every great discovery there must be of necessity a period of introduction and explanation. Redox biochemistry is no exception. Foundational truths well established create the stability for all valid science. I’m grateful for pioneers such as Dr. Lee Ostler and for his brave and courageous dive into the science of redox biochemistry, as well as his desire to explain to the masses this great discovery. The book is well written and easy to understand both for the lay person as well as the highly educated."
Pepper Black
"I first met Dr. Ostler through our mutual interest in oral disease and its impact on systemic health. I quickly grew to appreciate his uncommon grasp of biochemistry and physiology, as well as his ability to simplify and explain these very complex subjects and apply them to everyday practice. So when he first introduced me to redox biology, I was ready to listen. Since then I have found it to be extremely valuable in both my clinical practice and as an adjunct to my practice of lifestyle medicine. Any medical practitioner or curious layperson serious about maximal health, function, and longevity will find this book to be an indispensable guide and resource."
Lon Peckham, DMD
"Redox Matters, authored by Dr. Lee Ostler, is a tour de force, brilliantly designed and organized textbook of redox biochemistry, a cutting edge field of foundational health science technology, pertinent to absolutely every aspect of cellular health and disease. Dr. Ostler is a gifted communicator, having a unique ability to take this very complex science that is so critical to our functioning in every moment of every day, and make it readily comprehensible to the laymen, and yet to fuel the depths of the medical professional’s need for much deeper understanding. Indeed, having read this book, I have a much clearer comprehension of many areas of human medicine that have been my daily practice for 35 years. Based on my experience with living and sharing these principles and related products throughout my career, this masterwork not only sheds light on, but gives credibility and life to the daily critical reality of our need to manage our own and our patient’s cellular molecular balance. This is real, the “next big thing,” for returning to and maintaining health and wellness that everyone, and every health professional needs to read. Kudos Dr. Ostler!"
Aaron Kaufman DO

About The Author

Dr. Lee Ostler graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Zoology with emphasis in biochemistry and physiology from Brigham Young University, and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington School of Dentistry. His general dental practice has an emphasis on advanced cosmetic dentistry, bite rehabilitation, periodontal and oral-systemic health management, dental sleep medicine, and TMJ and craniomandibular therapy.

He received advanced training at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies, has been a clinical instructor with LVI in Las Vegas and at the LVI Continuums at Baylor University and the University of Kentucky dental schools.

He is a founding member, past president and executive board member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, an international organization focusing on co-management of oral-systemic healthcare for health professionals.

He founded and operated an education and consulting company teaching health professionals the science and practice of oral-systemic health principles. He has presented and lectured to health professionals on principles of cosmetic dentistry, TMJ and craniomandibular treatment, oral-systemic health, and redox biology health applications.

He is founder and program chair for the Eastern Washington Medical Dental Summit, an annual gathering of physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals. He is author of several books that focus on the co-management of patients relative to varied specialty areas of oral health including, oral-systemic health, TMJ disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, and biologic dentistry. He maintains websites and participates in webcasts that relate to the science and utility of redox biology and its impact on oral and general health.

Most important of all, he adores his family – five children and 20 grandchildren.